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adwa.jpg 2141756150 76954f96ba oThumbnailsEthiopian camel troops2141756150 76954f96ba oThumbnailsEthiopian camel troops

Photo taken by Giorgio Verdiani from the British Museum

"The Battle of Adwa is a popular subject with Ethiopian artists. It shows Emperor Menelik II (top left) and the imperial Ethiopian army defeating a large Italian colonial force. Menelik's wife, Empress Taitu (bottom left), is shown holding a revolver. In the centre of the picture two other important figures are depicted. they are the Governor of Adwa, Dajazmach Balca Abba Nafso (with cannon), and the Commander of the Ethiopian forces, Fitawrari Gabayyahu (on horseback). The faces of the Italians and their allies are mainly painted in profile, while the Ethiopians are painted full face. This was an Ethiopian convention for showing the forces of good and evil.
The triumphant victory at Adwa brought Ethiopia to the world's attention, strengthening the country's image as defender of African independence. Ethiopia became an inspiration for the African continent and for Africans around the world.
Given by H.L. Littler. Ethno 1074 AF 11.34"

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